Balancing Our Polarized Society

If you base your sense of peace and well-being on the news, you’re in for a whirlwind of an emotional experience no matter where you stand on the major political issues.

Mainstream politics are polarized, and it keeps getting worse. Each side is committed to an extreme game of tug o’ war, and mainstream media dutifully reports each and every tug.

If you are sick to your stomach about what’s been happening lately with some states tightening up their anti-abortion laws, you’re not alone.

And if you rejoice, seeing these tightened-up laws as a sweet and long-awaited victory, you’re not alone either.

Each side tends to see the other as a villain. Pro-lifers often see pro-choicers as heartless baby killers. Pro-choicers often perceive pro-lifers as control freaks over the autonomy of women.

These are, of course, crude generalizations, and the point here is actually not abortion.

The point is the tension and insanity of polarization.

As each side of the aisle asserts and re-asserts their agenda, adding new layers of logic and emotional appeal.

As the power shifts from one pole to the other within the US Government, the country watches in disbelief and awe as we’re all whipped through the grinder, witnessing our unstable system’s fluctuations and palpitations.

We simply don’t have a system that can please us all. One side’s victory is the other’s defeat. And the defeated side will always come back with a vengeance so long as this cycle is permitted to reign supreme and dominate us all.

This can be depressing, to say the least. And we’ve been conditioned to concede to this. I regularly hear people say that it will never change. That this is how it’s always been and how it will always be.

Well, I don’t buy that. I used to, but not anymore.

Don’t base your personal stability on the news, please. The news wants you to concede to the polarization. Mainstream media is funded by some of the greediest people in the world, and they make their fortunes from your fear, rage, instability, and powerlessness.

What they don’t want you to know is that you can change everything by changing yourself.

Together, we can end this nightmare of polarization and transform the Government into a humble servant of the People and a compassionate extension of the people. Just as it was always supposed to be.

But it’s not going to work if we go in guns a’blazing. What is attacked will more often than not defend first and then return fire.

To win this, we are to operate from a higher ideal and intelligence than that which oppresses us.

To function without double standards. To move as one in transparency, compassion, honesty, empathy, mercy, vulnerability, strength, faith, and love.

Speak your truth firmly, but listen to the “other side” with just as much conviction.

People can change, heal, and grow. From your stubbornest family member, to the most pretentious tycoon. Look for the change. Expect the change. Be thankful for it when you see it.

If you really can’t believe in other people’s capacity for change, then maybe you are due for a change. So, work on yourself. Step forward boldly. And then know that if you can do it, so can others.

Author: Andrew L. Hicks

I am a budding serial entrepreneur and 2020 POTUS candidate with a vision for a barrier-free world where everybody always wins and no one ever loses.

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