Why Generic and Name Brand Prescriptions Should Be Visually Similar (But Not Identical)

Imagine you are eighty-five years old, and you’re on a complicated regimen of a dozen or so prescription medications to regulate your health. Some, you’ve been on for over twenty years.

Then let’s say that your Medicare won’t pay for … Proceed

Universal Basic Income Made Optional and Flexible (The Abundance Annuity)

Universal Basic Income and the Past/Future of Work

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is an innovative and forward-thinking solution to many common challenges facing Americans.

Every person adds un-monetized and often unacknowledged value to the world around them every day through … Proceed

Let’s Make a Transparent Government and Livestream the 2020 Presidency Nearly 24/7 (Trump’s “Mercy” On Iran)

Official story: President Trump has mercy on 150 Iranians who would have been killed in retaliative strike after the Iranian-catalyzed destruction of US surveillance technology.

Truth: Who knows?

While it is possible and perhaps even almost likely that Trump values … Proceed