Let’s Make a Transparent Government and Livestream the 2020 Presidency Nearly 24/7 (Trump’s “Mercy” On Iran)

Official story: President Trump has mercy on 150 Iranians who would have been killed in retaliative strike after the Iranian-catalyzed destruction of US surveillance technology.

Truth: Who knows?

While it is possible and perhaps even almost likely that Trump values Iranian lives enough to reason that killing 150 people is disproportionate to the destruction of a drone, I am willing to make a pretty strong wager that there were three even bigger factors in the decision:

1) Public perception at home. Trump wants people to like him and think he’s awesome.

2) Perception of our allies. Trump wants other countries to like him and think he’s awesome.

3) Fear of escalated conflict. Killing 150 Iranians because of a fallen drone sounds like a good way to start a war. And if that happened, Trump would go down in the history books as the one to start it. Trump wants future people to like him and think he’s awesome.

But let’s get back to what we know for sure: Who knows? We know nothing except what the media tells us. The media knows nothing except what they are told from official sources. The official sources may or may not know if what they are saying is totally true, because up at the top are the controllers of information, who have secret talks in secret rooms. The people who decide the official story.

And who controls them? Some would say shape-shifting reptilians. That’d be a funny plot twist. But let’s keep things human at the moment. The people who control everything are motivated by greed, money, power, and lastly: fear of losing their money and power. Or fear of facing the consequences of the things they have done to acquire their money and power. They have essentially become sociopaths, unable to any longer empathize with the ignorant masses. And they know that if the masses stop being ignorant, they could be in big trouble.

We’re getting sidetracked from Trump and Iran here, but this is important stuff, so hang in there with me please.

If a lot of citizens knew the real truth of how the United States and the world is operated, they may go through a period of extreme anger and hostility. If people claimed their power all at once and struck back against those who have manipulated us, it could be a bloodbath with heads on stakes and public executions. But that would solve nothing. It would only continue the cycle that humanity has been stuck in for as long as humans have existed.

There is a peaceful way out of this loop. There is a way to transcend the cycle and move on to exciting and new plateaus of the human condition.

One of the ways to accomplish this, is to create a trustworthy, transparent Government. I know that sounds funny and impossible to a lot of people at this point. But this is exactly why I am running for POTUS and building the World Peace Party. Because together, we can change everything for the best of everyone.

I have talked to so many people who say, “I know Donald Trump doesn’t tell the truth. But I accept him, because he gets things done.”

Well, what if we had leaders who told the truth, and who also get things done?

What if we had leaders with nothing to hide? What if you could always trust the official story? Wouldn’t that be better? If you disagree, let’s hear why. I’m all ears.

If/when I’m elected President, I will wear a body cam and live stream the presidency 24/7 with the exception of when I am absolutely convinced that confidentiality will protect the lives or emotional well being of others. There will be fewer secret talks in secret rooms. There will be fewer secrets in general.

The public deserves to know the truth. And those who have kept secrets for their own selfish reasons deserve to be exposed (but gently handled- no reason for hasty retribution or harsh punishment).

Also, Edward Snowden deserves to be recognized as a national hero, and many of us would do well to reassess our position on Julian Assange.

Together, we can diffuse the tensions in this world. And we will. We’re doing it right now.

Honesty is more than a virtue. It is a practical tool that can change the world for the better. We already know this. Let’s live it too.

Author: Andrew L. Hicks

I am a budding serial entrepreneur and 2020 POTUS candidate with a vision for a barrier-free world where everybody always wins and no one ever loses.

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